2016-11-04 - Version 6.0.7 release now available

Bug fixes:

  • Enabling/disabling of message filter items in the Edit Filter dialog box did not work properly if a message filter contained multiple items
  • After closing a project and creating a new one, the settings for logging Timing Errors were not reset
  • Object model: Accessing the TextDocument.Selection property and the TextSelection object in a VBS Macro was not possible
  • Determining the license file directory is more reliable
  • The message filter selected for the Receive List also determined the CAN messages received by a Standard Macro
  • After choosing a signal for a Line Writer channel, the signal name was not displayed correctly if the signal was part of a multiplexer definition
  • Some other minor bug fixes and improvements

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes in the PCAN-Explorer Add-ins:

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