2016-09-20 - Version 6.0.4 release now available

Bug fixes:

  • Messages with a data length of 0 in trace files of format version 1.3 or older could cause Access Violation errors in the Trace window
  • Trying to enable a connection with a CAN hardware that was already in use by another net showed an error message with error code 0 (no error)
  • If a Standard macro was started that contained an error, an Access Violation error message was shown
  • Changing the priority value of a J1939 message in the Edit Message dialog box via the up/down buttons had no effect
  • If symbols file format 6.0 was used to define a J1939 symbol, the symbol always decoded all J1939 messages with the same PGN, regardless of which source and/or destination address was specified for the symbol
  • Some other minor bug fixes


Changes, improvements, and bug fixes in the PCAN-Symbol Editor:

PCAN-Symbol Editor - Version 6.0.4  Details ...