PCAN-Chip USB & Eval

2016-10-19 ·

CAN FD Integration on PCBs

A simple possibility of implementing CAN FD in custom hardware designs is now offered by PEAK-System with the stamp module PCAN-Chip USB. The connection to the circuits is done via USB 2.0. The actual used physical CAN transmission is determined by the transceiver to be implemented by the developer. The stamp module has side lengths of 25 by 20 millimeters and is suitable for automatic insertion due to the single-sided component placement and the half-hole edge contacts. It can be operated in environments with the extended temperature range of -40 to +85 °C (-40 to
+185 °F).

For the design phase, an evaluation board is available that provides a reference circuit of the stamp module. It contains connectors, indicator LEDs, jumpers, switches, and solder fields that can be used for testing purposes. The assembly is documented, among others, with a circuit diagram.

Details: PCAN-Chip USB & Eval